Danish Dynamite in Aloha Store, Oslo

November 23, 2010

In the latest magazine issue from Cosmopolitan you can read about our danish neighbours.

Design duo Ann Mari Jagd og Stine Alslev are both already a part of the Danish fashion industry. Now they have teamed up to create new Danish Brand of Clothing.
The new line Jagd Petrovski profits greatly from its founders background as a stylist and a designer from the Academy of fashion design. The different backgrounds complement each other perfectly and allow the duo to look at fashion in a different way, and as such the designers as a pair have a fresh and creative take on fashion.

The concept behind the brand is that the Collections are versatile and all styles can be used to mix and match to create highly personal and strong looks. Nonetheless, each piece stands strong by itself and can easily be worn to fit a particular look, depending on your mood and style.

Jadg Petrovski has taken the collection:

Little black dresses, blazers and worn jeans create raw outfits with attitude while the elegant and seductive woman shines through in softer pastel colors, super feminine dresses and classic tweed. In these times more than ever, this is what women need: to be strong and look strong without ever losing their elegance and seductive femininity.

You will find Jagd Petrovski in Aloha Store in Oslo!


Zebra jacket

Mokaii, Aloha Store, Aloha Hemp


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