In action! PJ Gustafsson

January 19, 2011
Photo by: Richard Ström

Teamrider PJ Gustafsson!

What’s organic style for you and what does PICTURE brand represents for you ?
Since Mother Earth is our home and playground it’s really important that we take care of her, so she can take care of us. Recycling, using organic products and supporting PICTURE is one good step in the right direction.

When and why did you start snowboarding :
I first started snowboarding in the winter of 1994/95. I had been skateboarding for a couple of years and wanted to have something to do in the winter time, since the streets back home was covered in snow and there was no indoor skateparks within 200km back then. Snowboarding seemed like a cool option and pretty similar to skateboarding, so I started riding that winter and I’ve been hooked ever since.


Mokaii by Aloha Hemp

Picture Organic Clothing, Death Label snowboards
Picture Organic Clothing
Drake bindings
CMYK shoes
Beaver Wax
Vitamin Well


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