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Entrance markveien 56

(Leirfallsgata 6)


January 20, 2011

Big time sale NOW! 50% on all clothes from the latest mokaii collection! Act fast to get your hands on these fantastic pieces before the stock is empty.. Visit the webshop at or in our Aloha Stores in Stryn or in Oslo, Grünerløkka.


30-50% Sale


Aloha Store in markveien 56 in Grünerløkka, Oslo.


In our store you can find the newest and hottest from Aloha Hemp and also the best of the collections of Mokaii, Insight and Norrøna.

We are very happy to be a part of this interesting shopping area. Less commercial and more intersting shops is the norm in markeveien. You also find a lot of ecological lunch alternatives.

So if you head to Grünerløkka we can promise a great shopping expererience. On special occations we at Aloha Store even offer a taste of our amazing choclate fountain!

To find us just look for the palm tree…


www.mokaiiclothing.comTanner wallet

Mokaii by Aloha Hemp


Mokaii Panter-Shir

Hippo-Pant-brown ChinosTo the wish list for my weekend trip:

A traditional backpack as they looked in the good old days ( This backpack  from the accessories brand Sandqvist is named after the famous and controversial Norwegian polar explorer Roald Amundsen!), Soft flannel shirt from Mokaii by Aloha Hemp, Navy heavy knit beanie from Kangol, Army brown chinos from Mokaii by Aloha Hemp, Navy/Grey jacket from Penfield and a canvas weekend bag from Sandqvit of course



Every day until Christmas eve we will have a special offer for all our customers in Aloha Store!

Todays offer; 20% off on all hoods & ziphoods from MOKAii. We love!