The sun is back.. Where I live it was actually back on January 12th, but the clouds has been hiding it. Today I can see it, and this makes this a great day. What also makes this a great day is that my local Ski Resort, Stryn Vinterskisenter, sendt out an powder alarm.. suggesting everyone to take part of the day off to enjoy the powder and the bonus opening hours 10-14. This makes me happy!

So for the weekend I take my jolly mood,and head to the mountains for some skiing and some quality time. This is essesntials from my weekend bag…

Oversized cardigan from MOKAii

Lovely flannel from Insight

Knitted mittens, private

Knitted poncho for my daughter, H&M

Warm hat for my daughter, Barts

Mum and daughter´s favorite backpack from Fjellräven

I really hope we need these from PONO (mum) and Cébe (daughter)…





It’s 2011.

So it’s time to dream about springtime and lovely little flowers pushing their way through the frozen ground.

And, it’s time to dream about color because worldwide designers have decided that black, white, gray and beige are getting old.

A little boring.

Well, color is the cheapest, easiest way to add some hot, chic style to those basics in your closet:


30-50% Sale


Aloha Store in markveien 56 in Grünerløkka, Oslo.


In our store you can find the newest and hottest from Aloha Hemp and also the best of the collections of Mokaii, Insight and Norrøna.

We are very happy to be a part of this interesting shopping area. Less commercial and more intersting shops is the norm in markeveien. You also find a lot of ecological lunch alternatives.

So if you head to Grünerløkka we can promise a great shopping expererience. On special occations we at Aloha Store even offer a taste of our amazing choclate fountain!

To find us just look for the palm tree…


www.mokaiiclothing.comTanner wallet

MOKAii Catalog AW11/12

January 11, 2011

View the result of the photoshoot we had last week here…

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Preview peep of the New Season – autumn & winter collection AW11/12 of Mokaii Clothing by Aloha Hemp.

Frontpage of our new catalog

The set: mint green colored wall & nice looking freeskier “best in test” skis


Tove in action and the model “relaxing”

The great crew behind the photo shoot was the photographer Tove Sivertsen and her assistant Marian Strand.

Handy girl and Aloha Hemp founder “crew boss” Åse Ørjasæter,

Make up and Hair Stylist Corinne Alice Nordstaa Skau and

the designer Silje Øygarden.

Thanks for nice work, girls!

Models from Teammodels