It’s 2011.

So it’s time to dream about springtime and lovely little flowers pushing their way through the frozen ground.

And, it’s time to dream about color because worldwide designers have decided that black, white, gray and beige are getting old.

A little boring.

Well, color is the cheapest, easiest way to add some hot, chic style to those basics in your closet:



Versatile, lightweight & collapsible, clean design with handmade 40mm drivers, microphone & remote, zound plug & fabric cord.
Designed to be "the perfect classic headphone,"
The Plattan combines innovative functions and performance with today's technology.
A full-size headphone that allows full, rich, secluded and clear volume, sound and thumping bass (112dB, 20kHz),
The Plattan furthermore folds down to the size of a fist for maximum mobility and convenience.
 Double click the button on the wire and it will change tracks, single click and it will pause the track!
Featuring Urbanears' patented Zound Plug on the ear cap, allowing for a friend to plug in and enjoy your music...